Edgar DeGuzman



  • 14+ years professional experience in the animation industry as a 3D modeling artist.
  • 6+ years experience supervising/leading a team from start to finish of a production.
  • Highly skilled in creating complex models with tight production deadlines.
  • Excellent at interpreting 2D design and making it a fully functioning 3D model.
  • High attention to quality and detail.
  • Passionate about making 3D models/sculpts that are visually appealing.
  • Proficient in Maya, ZBrush, Keyshot, UV Layout, Softimage and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Dedicated to continually evolving as an artist by learning new software and adapting techniques of other artists that I highly respect in the industry.



Animal Logic, Vancouver – Senior Character Modeler (DC Superpets)

March 2019 – Current

  • Responsible for creating feature level 3D characters, including humans, animals, robots etc.
  • Sculpt characters based on 2d concepts, and provide facial expression sculpts to get approved before going into production models.
  • Create production models, that have clean topology so that they can be easily rigged and animated. This includes providing a nice set of UV’s for the surfacing department, and facial blendshapes for the rigging department.
  • Provide support/guidance to members of my team.
  • Voice opinions and concerns, as well as provide solutions about what could be potential problems in a 2d design before it goes into 3d production.

Animal Logic, Vancouver – Senior Modeling Artist (Lego 2: The Second Part)

May 2016 – December 2018

  • Responsible for creating key 3D feature quality assets for Lego Movie 2 that would be made into actual Lego toy sets.
  • Model assets with varying levels of complexity, this goes from something as simple as a standard Lego brick, to an organic creature like a hyper-realistic spider. This included environments, props, vehicles and characters.
  • Create realistic VFX assets to be composited into live action sequences.
  • Interpret designs provided by art team to create a 3D model that represents the reference design and shape language while preserving the Lego System aesthetic.
  • Involved in the creative process that will influence the final look of what will be seen on screen.
  • Voice opinions and concerns, as well as provide solutions about what could be potential problems in a 2D design before it goes into 3D production.
  • Model Lego pieces (Hair, Bricks, Armor, special pieces, etc.) to true specifications, with a high level of accuracy that include every detail that would be seen on the real-life physical piece.
  • Create 3D models/Sculpts for projects that are in development.
  • Provide mentorship and guidance/advice to junior artists in the modeling team.

Rainmaker Entertainment, Vancouver – Modeling Supervisor (Barbie & Her Sisters in a Puppy Chase)

October 2015 – May 2016

  • Responsible for modeling team on production I was supervising.
  • Provide leadership, mentorship and guidance to artists placed on my team.
  • Work closely with Art Director to make sure all modeling assets were hitting the design style intended.
  • Communicate and collaborate with other production departments such as Surfacing, Rigging, Animation to insure all modeling assets would seamlessly blend with their pipeline.
  • Assure that all modeling assets came in on schedule, in a viable time frame.
  • Interview potential talent that may be placed on my team, or would be a good fit for the studio.

DHX Media (formerly Nerd Corps Entertainment), Vancouver – Modeling Supervisor

February 2006 – September 2016

  • Responsible for supervising/managing all 3D artists placed on my modeling team.
  • Train and mentor artists placed on my team, explain how the production pipeline works, as well as show how the assets coming from modeling can impact other departments such as Animation or Imaging if not done correctly.
  • Responsible for modeling, rigging, texturing and creating faceshapes for key assets on various productions.
  • Work closely with Art Director to ensure all modeling assets are meeting/exceeding the established standard benchmark and within the style of the show.
  • Work closely with Animation Supervisor to ensure all assets coming from modeling can perform what is drawn on the storyboards/animatics.
  • Work closely with VFX Supervisor to ensure the modelling team provides all necessary render passes, as well as troubleshoot any models that produce an
    error on the render farm.
  • Work Closely with the Production Coordinator, and Production Manager to estimate a viable time frame for all modeling assets in production.
  • Work with Software team to automate scripts to help the efficiency of the modeling workflow.


  • Max Steel – Modeling Supervisor
  • SlugTerra – Modeling Supervisor
  • Monster High – Modeling Supervisor
  • Rated A for Awesome – Lead Modeler
  • Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 – Senior Modeler
  • League of Super Evil – Senior Modeler
  • Storm Hawks – Modeler
  • Dragon Booster – Junior Modeler

Imagenex Technology Corp., Port Coquitlam – Mechanical Designer

June 2001 – July 2005

  • Design sonar systems for the fishing and logging industry.
  • Assisted in the design of one of smallest sonars in the world at the time, which became one of the best-selling units for the company.
  • Create CAD drawings for mechanical parts to be used in manufacturing.
  • Perform stress simulations on a computer to ensure the sonar units I design can withstand the pressures in the deep sea that they are rated for.
  • Provide a thorough write-up on how to assemble units I design for the assembly team.


British Columbia Institute of Technology/BCIT, Burnaby

Digital Animation, Management Certificate (Graduated with Honours)

2004 – 2005

British Columbia Institute of Technology/BCIT, Burnaby

Mechanical Engineering, Design Option, Diploma of Technology

1999 – 2001

References available upon request.